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Please carefully read the Call for Papers and Main Themes of the Symposium pages first.

Click here for Call for Papers

Click here for Main Themes of the Symposium

When sending the Abstract and Full Text, choose a main title from the Symposium Main Title list and add it to youiçr text, along with your name, surname, institution, e-mail and mobile phone information.


Abstracts will be sent to the e-mail address

1- Abstracts to be sent to the symposium should be between 300-500 words, minimum 5 and maximum 8 keywords should be added to the end of the abstracts.

2- The title of the abstract text should be centered, bold and all letters should be capitalized (10 points).

3- Name and surname of the author(s) should be written under the title. Academic title, institution and e-mail address of the researcher should be written under each name.

4- Abstracts should be written in Times New Roman font using the Word template. Font size should be 10 points and 1 line spacing should be left between lines. Margins should be set as “normal” (2.5 cm from right-left-top and bottom).

5- Papers will be presented in Turkish, but the abstract will be sent in both Turkish and English. There should be at least 5 and at most 8 keywords related to the study, separated by commas and written in all lowercase letters.

6- Keywords should be written in a tab (1.25 cm) inside and italicized. Keywords must comply with international standards. Example: Sources such as TR Index Key Terms List, etc. can be used.


Papers will be sent to the e-mail address

Papers that are “selected” among full-text papers will be included in the symposium book.

Abstracts in both languages ​​(Turkish and English) should be included in the papers sent as full text.

1- The names of the authors should be stated under the title and the information of the author in the footnote with a star (*) as title, institution, e-mail address.

2- The full text of the main title should be written in large, bold and 11 pt.

3- The full text should be written in Times New Roman font, 11 points and 1 line spacing. The full text should be a minimum of 5 thousand words and a maximum of 8 thousand words.

4- The first letter of each word of the sub-headings (except Özet, Abstract, Introduction, Conclusion, Bibliography) in the full text should be written in capital letters and the others should be written in lowercase. If necessary, the headings can be numbered or lettered.

5- The authors are responsible for all typographical errors and content in the full-text papers.

6- Full-text papers must not have been previously published elsewhere or presented in another congress, symposium or scientific organization. This is the responsibility of the author(s).

7- The reference should be based on the APA 6.0 (American Psychology Association) system.


Poster Papers will be sent to the e-mail address of

Each poster in the symposium will be presented at the time and place allocated for it. Posters will be presented with other posters under similar themes.

The dimensions of the poster to be prepared should be 70 x 100 cm.

1- Times New Roman font should be used.

2- The poster name should be written in bold and 50 pt.

3- Author name(s) should be written in bold and 36 pt.


4- Other information about the author/authors (title, institution name, address and e-mail information) should be written in 24 font size.

5- Text headings should be in bold and in 30 points, and the text itself should be written in 24 points.

6- Objective, method, findings and conclusion titles should be included in the text. Care should be taken to ensure that the text and images used in the poster form a meaningful whole.

7- Care should be taken to ensure that the poster is clear and easily understandable, and it should be arranged in such a way that the images included can be read from at least 2 meters.


You can access guidelines for the APA 6.0 referencing style from the link below:

References to sources should be made in-text rather than in footnotes (APA 6.0).