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The International Symposium on the Centenary of the Turkish Republic: Women of the Republic – “The Republic of Women” organized by the Women’s Library and Information Center Foundation and The University of Beykoz, will take place in 27-29 October 2023 and will accept applications and abstracts via the symposium website.

*The information about the website will be announced in June 2022.

The Symposium will take place in person and/or in virtual space according to the conditions due to the COVID -19 pandemic and the facilities at hand. The symposium papers can be presented in Turkish or in English.


The gender and women’s studies in Turkey are based on a rich theoretical background and present a dynamic character and plurality. Based on this accumulated knowledge, this symposium aims to create space for women to make an assessment of the Republic, taking both the current and the historical perspectives into account. With the instruments and critical approach provided by the gender and women’s studies, we will elaborate on the historical, social, cultural, economic, political, religious and artistic contexts in interaction with each other and look at the gains and the lines of tension created by the Republic. We see this symposium, which will also be open to international participation, as a valuable opportunity for women to read and re-assess their historical and social experiences during the different periods of the Republic. We encourage young participants from various disciplines to take part in this symposium, where we will speak about the Turkish Republic at its centenary, with new and original studies that will further diversify the rich research background in the field of gender and women’s studies. We expect the participants to give paper proposals that have not been presented in other scientific meetings or published elsewhere.We invite you to recount women’s contribution to the social transformation in the Republican period; their gains, empowerment and success stories besides the struggles they have fought, the obstacles they have faced, i.e. their demands, their solutions for women’s rights and equality; and also express their protests, hopes and wishes.

Submission of abstracts and full papers:

The paper proposals should be based on new and original research and studies and should not have been presented in previous scientific occasions, or published before. The research question and the study that the paper will be based on should be clearly written in the abstract. The main aim of the paper, the research methodology and the sources of data should be clearly explained. The arguments or theses of the paper and its novel contribution to the research area should be clarified based on the empirical research findings or other sources (such as historical documents, archival sources, oral history etc.) and in relation to the current research knowledge in the area. Besides the individual papers, proposals for other types of presentation such as poster presentation, panels, round table discussion sessions, and workshops are also welcome to take part in the symposium. The oral presentations would be allowed to last 20 minutes at most. Turkish and English are the languages that can be used in the symposium. All the papers in Turkish will be added abstracts written in English in the book of proceedings. For this reason, abstracts should be written in Turkish and in English and should be prepared as long as 300-500 words and a CV with communication details should be added. Please also specify one of the main topics listed below. Write it as a note under “The main title related to my paper” at the end of the abstract.

Panel proposals will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

The accordance of the topics of the panelists with the main topic of the panel and the conceptual theme of the Symposium,

The abstracts offered by the panelists should meet the scientific and the formal standards delineated for the individual paper abstracts, which are mentioned above.

Additional explanation for panel proposals:

It is possible to propose a panel under a topic not included within the list of suggested topics by the Organizing Committee, provided that it suits with the main theme of the Symposium. The panel organizer should form a panel of at least three speakers and send the panel proposal, including the title and the abstract of each panelist, to the Symposium Organization Committee.

Explanation for Workshops, Poster proposals and Roundtables:

The proposals should directly be sent to the Symposium Organization Committee.

The main topics listed below are written in a flexible and inclusive manner to call for novel contributions to the existing literature in the field and to provide a possibility for academics from different disciplinary fields to meet. We expect that the individual papers and panels are in line with the main topics listed below.